Before you start a business there are many decisions to be made. 

     What type of entity will you be?

     Will you take draws from the company?

     Will you receive a payroll check from the company?

     What kind of start up investment will be needed?

     What about the operations of the business?

     Who will be involved in running the business and making decisions?

How do I get set up with the States I'll be working with?

How do I get a federal tax identification number?

Once these decisions are made, you will also need to understand the taxation rules and regulations for the entity you choose.

This information can be overwhelming all at once. Our Business Advisory services set up a plan to meet with you multiple times to cover a limited amount of information.  Each meeting will be to answer questions you might have about information covered in the prior session and then to cover more topics about your new business. An average Advisory service will include approximately 4 meetings to make sure you are informed and have all the tools needed to run a successful business.  We don't want to help you set up a business and then wish you the best of luck - we want to partner with you and help guide so your business is fully developed and ready to succeed.  

Our Business Advisory Packages are designed specifically for your needs and the level of support you need for the first year of your business. 

Business Start Up consultations are  scheduled on a monthly basis.  Call our office to see when the next session is scheduled and come join us to get your business started off on the right foot!

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