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Financial Statements

Our firm offers a complete array of accounting services for businesses and self-employed individuals.   We believe a business owner must have accurate and timely accounting information in order to better understand his/her business.  Understanding the accounting information provides the owner with the tools he/she needs to make important business decisions. We are here to help you make the most of your business and to provide the information you need.

We use information you provide to us to compile usable, professional financial statements.  These financial statements are critical management tools to assist business owners in making important business decisions.  Waiting until taxes are prepared to see the status of your business is an all too common mistake in business management.  You can't act on opportunities or re-act to reduce problems if you don't know about them until taxes are done the next year.  Timely, accurate information is crucial to running an efficient business.  

Payroll Processing Services            
We will use payroll time records provided by you to prepare payroll check detail.  Checks, pay stubs or direct deposit information will be provided to you within 24 hours after receiving your payroll information.  You agree to provide us with written payroll hours to be paid, rate of pay, new hire info and Form W4 in a timely manner – at least 24 hours prior to requested pay date. 

Payroll Tax Services
Calculate and schedule required federal and state tax deposits and inform you of the amount and respective due date.

Prepare and electronically file Federal Form 941
Prepare, electronically file and schedule payment for Arkansas Unemployment - SUTA
Calculate and submit Federal Unemployment - FUTA payments as required

Prepare Forms W2, W3 – electronically file Social Security Administration copy, prepare printed copies for employees and Arkansas Filing.
Prepare and electronically Federal Form 940
Prepare and electronically file Arkansas reconciliation Reports

Provide copies for your files of all the above forms and documents.

Invoicing Clients - we can calculate invoices and deliver to your clients via mail or email. 

Payables - invoices can be paid on schedule, either as received or via due dates. 

Notary Public Services.  We have several individuals in our office to help with notary services as needed.